Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets (Revealed)


So, anyone who caught the Sunday premiere of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets” was nothing short of entertained! The cast chock full of characters (some that we love, but most that we love to hate) reunited to divulge how the show has changed their lives and give us a little insight into how they are now. Mimi and Stevie still have a ridiculously confusing relationship, Joseline is……..Joseline, Mamma Dee is still getting acclimated to life in the spotlight, Scrappy and Erica are doing GREAT, K. Michelle has FINALLY found love and is using this new found fame to help her music career and Shay is officially out of the Erica-Scrappy love triangle. Below, is a compiled list of the 11 Best Moments for those who missed the show. VH1 hasn’t added the episode to their site yet, so hopefully this will hold you LAHHATL fans over until it airs again. Enjoy:


1. “It gave me and my ass a platform”Safe to say that none of the stars of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta (except for maybe Stevie J) has reached a level of notoriety and fame like what they hit after being on the show. When they were asked how the show has changed things for them all, each cast member had a different response. Momma Dee can no longer go to Family Dollar, Rasheeda can’t step into a Walmart without being recognized, Karlie Redd’s sex life is now off the charts, and K.Michelle…well, she explains that “Before the show I was just popping in trailer parks and beauty shops.” But after? “It gave me and my ass a platform!”


2. Burning QuestionsEveryone has questions for the cast, so what are the biggest topics that fans ask the stars of the show about? For Erica and Scrappy it’s whether or not they’re really going to get married (answer: YES!), for Stevie, it’s “Are you ever going to settle down? (Answer: Inconclusive!) and for Joseline it’s “What do you do for your body?” (Answer: “Standy by! Body By Joseline is coming out. I gotta keep this body pimp, pimp, pimp, PIMP! But I don’t know why you wanna know, you ain’t gonna do it.”


3. Stevie and Mimi, what’s up with that?When asked how the show has affected their relationship, Stevie and Mimi did have an answer.    MimiStevie-1354919672    Stevie: “At the end of the day we are still a couple, no matter what the world thinks.”
Mimi: “Are we?”

4. Reacting to the parodiesOne of the funniest things to come out of season one was the animated parody of the show. We were walking around the office saying “I wanna put them paws on ‘em,” for a solid week after, and it turns out, the cast loved it too.
“That was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” Mimi said after re-watching.
What Joseline learned about herself after watching the clip: “B—h, you really don’t know how to speak English!”

5. Joseline would be totally fine if she got sent back to the strip club Girl’s still got moves.j-on-the-pole-13534250356. Funky Dineva’s Top 3 Hairstyles of the YearFunky Dineva was on hand to discuss the best/worst hair of the season. The top three? All 25 of K.Michelle’s looksKMHairvolution-1355502977plus Deb Antney, whose “hair is laid like stale gold meatloaf,” and Erica’s momma.7. Reunion Reactions: K.Michelle Vs. RasheedaEveryone’s seen Rasheeda and K.Michelle’s reunion meltdown by now, but we never really heard from those two women about what happened in the aftermath. When she was asked how she feels about Rasheeda now, K.Michelle answered “Who cares?? She’s the fake Chilli. She needs to stick to the rivers and lakes that she’s used to.”

8. Reunion Reactions: Shay Vs. Erica and ScrappyAt the reunion, Scrappy’s side-piece Shay walked off stage when Scrappy told her he was going to work things out with Erica. And she had to wait backstage, watching, as Scrappy then proposed to Erica. In never-before-seen footage from the backstage, we see Shay react to the proposal, and though she’s hurt she says she wishes them well before walking out of the building. As Erica watches this, she says “I kinda felt bad for her,” and Scrappy agrees. “I hate even looking at that. It took everything in me not to cry, not to snap, not to g out there and shoot that b—h,” Shay says when she watches it back too. As bad as Erica feels though, she gets in a dig but explaining that “Karma’s a b—h.”


9. Who Threw The First Punch?So much has been made of the fight between Stevie and Scrappy, but until now we never knew how the fight, which started AFTER Stevie apologized to Erica, began. And now we know just who threw the first punch. JOSELINE.


10. Stevie, Dirty DogDuring the special, we heard from several of the show’s producers who had the best dirty little secrets of all. Executive Producer Stefan Springman explained that when he was casting Stevie and Mimi on the show, just before he met the two of them, he saw Stevie making out with Joseline on the hood of a car. In the casting room, Stevie then walked in as Mimi’s other half and explained that he was one of the “good guys.” And the rest is history.


11. The Most Boring Person On The Show Is…Also during the casting process, one person who was almost deemed too boring to be cast was Erica. “When I first met Erica, I thought she was extremely boring,” producer Carlos King said. Erica says that’s because she was extremely nervous being on a reality show.


 Until next time,

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