Can Ce-Ce Make a Come Back

From her Goodies to Sorry. Ciara has thrilled us with her dance moves and southern sweetness. However she has been flopping instead of taking off like she should.

We have seen her come out with some great singles, but when it comes to an album… well there is little to be desired. Is this Princes of Crunk losing her edge. This blogger would have to say so.

There are only going to be so many times that you can do the same thing before your audience gets bored. I think that this video is a good look for her. However I have said that before and I have turned around and been disappointed.

Basic Instinct was a commercial flop. Even though Ride was a good single. Fantasy Ride wasn’t bad, but fans where still not ready to take that ride.

The question remains will Ciara just be another pretty face in the sea of R&B song-stresses? This is the fifth time around and this is game time.


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