Compton’s Most Wanted

Fifteen years ago who would have ever thought that east coast and west coast would be able to show each other so much love. The face of Hip Hop, and the essences of Hip Hop is changing once again.

Kendrick Lamar is going to be a force to be recon with in the up coming year. With his new album only a day away, one has to wonder will this young man live up to the greats that have come before him?

I would have to say yes. With Hip Hop always having its roots being under ground. It is pre-destine that the underdog will rise to the top.

I was introduced to Kendrick from some young MC’s. And something about his flow was like nothing I had heard before. It is hard to really place him with any of the legends. So that means that he will be legendary.

Kendrick is not the west coast that we are comfortable with. I think that he is going to take our old view of Compton and it’s roots and flip it on it’s ear.

So good luck to the West Coast Homie.
~Young Smoove X’n Out the Competition…. Oh wait there is none.


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