Keyshia Cole Responds to Rumor of Sleeping With Diddy

Keyshia Cole Responds to Rumor of Sleeping With Diddy

Gucci Mane really ruffled some feathers when he name dropped Keyshia Cole in the Young Jeezy diss track, “Truth,” where he claims that she had previously slept with Diddy. Jeezy and Cole used to be in a relationship, so Gucci used their past history to further get at Jeezy in their ongoing beef. On the track Gucci raps:

“I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her/But Puff was f-cking her while you was falling in love wit’ her.”

Keyshia has heard Gucci’s diss track and hit up her Twitter account to defend her name. She called him out for being a liar and said that he only used her to increase the sales for a mixtape. She concluded by saying that she is a mother and a wife who is too mature for this “nonsense.”
Do you think Gucci just used her name for album sales, or do you think there is some truth behind his pretty random name drop?


Okay, in this bloggers opinion this is just another way for him to stay in the spot light. I may not be a Gucci fan, but I will say that there needs to be a better way for him to get sales.

I am always concerned when any artist resorts to throwing an artist under the bus that has nothing to do with the beef that they are having with another artist.

Not to mention your not hearing Gucci on the air waves like we use to. Do you think that his career is coming to an end?

~Young Smoove X’n out the Competition… Oh wait there is none.


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