The Black Bar Mitzvah Is On.

The Black Bar Mitzvah Is On.

Bar Mitzvah literally translates as “son of commandment.”

Okay so my first thought was that this was a blasphemous title, but after looking up the meaning of the Jewish transition form a young boy to a man, and it’s translation being “son of commandment”. It just seemed to make since to me.

Not only is this a celebration composed in this Mixtape, but you feel Rozay commanding each song in the way that only he can. Giving you bar after bar of that husky voice and that feeling that you can let the top down in your 911.

With hot tracks that have been lighting up the internet and the airwaves all summer long, and that classic MMG sound, this Mixtape is a great conclusion to the summer and a hype introduction to the fall. Rozay kills his verses on Chief Keef’s I Don’t Like and destroying the add on to Mercy.

You know that Ross had to come with the heavy hitters in the game. Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Diddy, Kirko Bangz and the list goes on.

Most would say why do a mixtape when you have a scorcher of an album and you already released another mixtape this year? My thought is that just like with anything else you need to stay as relevant as possible and not to mention like any skill you need to stay sharp.

I know that I will be riding around listening to Presidential Remix featuring Pharrell and Rockie Fresh. So make sure that you clear out your I Pod, Zune, or any MP3 players and sit back with your drink of choice and celebrate The Black Bar Mitzvah with Rozay. I know I am.

~Young Smoove X’n Out the Competition.


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