Two for the Price of One Kanye?

Two for the Price of One Kanye?

In the past we know that Kanye has pulled some stunts before a album comes out, but this seems a little over the top. I don’t believe that anyone one would want to put their personal business out there, but in the business that he is in, there is always a risk that what you do in the dark will come to the light. However like anything else this too will blow over.
~Young Smoove X’n out the Competition.

When news broke that Kanye had a sex tape being shopped around to various porn industries, the media and his fans went into a frenzy over the news. Now, TMZ has learned that he doesn’t just have one sex tape being shopped around, but TWO! That’s right, Kanye somehow had two very intense sex tapes with two different women stolen from his computer.

Kanye displays some serious stamina in both videos, as the first one is nearly twenty minutes long, and the second is over forty minutes with no breaks, just pure work being put in by Kanye. According to TMZ, both tapes were shot years ago. Kanye really isn’t happy about his private life being released for the public eye to see, so word has it Kanye will be seeking legal action against those responsible for selling the video to whichever adult video industry pays the highest for the footage.



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