StarrZ is Risin’ in B More.

StarrZ is Risin' in B More.

Swag, Cadence, Flow, and one hell of a delivery all these combined make up StarrZ Best Mixtape Ever. Like any good artist there needs to be a comparison to another artist. This Mixtape gives me the feel of Meek Mills. However, that is not a bad thing. I see that Starrz has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot right now.

With some of Baltimore’s finniest such as Paula Campbell on American Nightmare and this mixtape being hosted by Jay Claxton, this Mixtape is sure to be a classic for the city.

As I continue to listen, it’s like pealing the wrapper off of a good piece of chocolate. You know that it’s going to be good, but when you taste it it’s even better than you thought.

If I had to pick one joint that I rock with (Let me say that it is hard to pick) I would have to say that I am feeling that Back Stage with the One in a Million track by Aaliyah.

Starrz is going to be a good look for B More so make sure that you download the mixtape @

Don’t be the only kid on the block with out this mixtape. Nobody wants to be that kid.

~Young Smoove X’n out the Competition


One response to “StarrZ is Risin’ in B More.”

  1. BmoresVeryOwn says :

    Check a coll long and drawn out wordy review @ It’s a great mixtape and might even be worthy of it’s title!

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