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Notorious Musical?

Notorious Musical?

Before you read this story you have to ask yourself this question. Who in the hell would want to do a a Notorious B.I.G musical. I feel that the movie was enough. Some people speculate that even the move was missing some important details out of his life.

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(AllHipHop News) Representatives for the estate of the Notorious B.I.G. have denied reports that they are connected with a musical about the rapper’s life, after two men were arrested in connection with a bizarre theft from a bookstore on Tuesday (July 17).
Writers Alfred Green and Raheim Pope had claimed they were producing a musical titled “Ready 2 Die,” which would focus on Notorious B.I.G.
Green and Pope were arrested for stealing $888 books from a Barnes & Noble in Westport, Connecticut.
The two men initially denied the stolen booty found in a Jaguar with Georgia plates was theirs.
At the station, a tip from Green lead to a cavity search of Pope, who had hidden the key to the getaway Jaguar in his rectum.

“Please note that this is an unauthorized play. Our firm has previously sent a cease and desist notice and any association with the Estate of Christopher Wallace or Notorious B.I.G. are unauthorized,” a rep for Notorious B.I.G.’s estate told
Green and Pope issued a casting call for the unauthorized play back in March, but the estate warned B.I.G.’s fans that they are not supporting the musical.
“There is no connection or association between the Estate of Notorious B.I.G. and Alfred Green and Raheim Pope,” the rep told



Bow Wow Accuses British Hotel of Racism

Bow Wow Accuses British Hotel of Racism

Rapper Bow Wow had complaints of racism after staying at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster, England Thursday. Hotel personnel accused Bow Wow of smoking cigarettes in his room, which he strongly denied. He considered the accusation racist because he was singled out on a floor full of cigarette smokers.

The rapper took to Twitter to explain the situation. “The Park Plaza Westminster hotel sucks. Don’t ever stay there. They racist. All these people smoking cigs on my floor and they single me out…they woke me up out my sleep n all…Kept knocking on my door.”

Instead of causing a scene, Bow Wow chose to leave the hotel quietly and checked into a different hotel.


Lil’ ChucKee and Kat Stacks???

When asked if he believes jail has changed Kat Stacks, the Young Money rapper says, “Oh course, jail changes everybody.” He wasn’t so forthcoming with an answer to the question of “Any thoughts on her possibly being deported?” Chuckee refused to comment on the subject, believing the interview would be cropped and his answer used out of context.

Source; Vlad TV

A$AP Rocky Bringing His Own Brand.

A$AP Rocky Bringing His Own Brand.

Most hip hop fans are on either side of the mainstream-underground split, but A$AP Rocky thinks he can transcend that phenomenon. Rocky expects to be on the radio with his new album “LongLiveA$AP”, but it won’t be the bullsh** you normally hear on the radio.

“I’d put out some whack, slow sh**, straight up. I’ll just put out a song saying nothing – call me Pootie Tang,” joked Rocky to Billboard Magazine. “Putting out that motherf***ing tastemaker music that we do. we change the sound of mainstream. the mainstream isn’t gonna be that bullsh** that you hear on the radio all day. The mainstream’s gonna be that A$AP — we’re gonna change the whole world with this sh*t. I have a dream! I’m the trill Martin Luther King, straight up.”

A$AP Rocky has a lot to live up to following his fantastic “LiveLoveA$AP” mixtape, but considering the quality of the first single Goldie, most fans have faith.


Iggy Adresses Relationship

The Grand Hustle rapper touches on her rumored relationship with A$AP Rocky, and reveals if she’ll ever record a record with him. Iggy also explains how she plans to keep “lyrical hip-hop” flourishing while blocking any pop influences that labels try to put on her, which includes putting out mixtapes in between albums.

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Twista with Roc Nation?

The fast spitting Chicago rapper shares his thoughts on rumors of him signing to Roc Nation and reveals that he’s “open to anything right now,” including signing to other labels like Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music. Twista also spits a signature freestyle that will leave your head spinning!


I know that Twista can make a great comeback. This is what he does. This Chicago native has been the leader of the Mid West movement for years now. Any label that decides to take him will get their monies worth.

~Young Smoove X’n out the Competition.