Why Is Pusha T being 100% Silent to His YMCMB Beef?

Why Is Pusha T Remaining Silent About YMCMB Beef?

Even though Pusha T never officially mentioned Lil Wayne, Drake, or any other member of YMCMB’s name in his highly controversial track “Exodus 23:1,” Wayne and Drake have both taken direct shots at him in retaliation.  Even Pusha’s boy Kid Cudi stepped up and publicly defended him, and Teyana Taylor posted up a picture of the entire G.O.O.D. Music team with the cation, “G.O.O.D. Music B*tch” after Weezy released his diss track “Goulish” aimed straight at Pusha T.  His brother No Malice also stepped up for Pusha as well.  

All of these subliminal lines, and Wayne and Drakes verbal shots at Pusha have created a lot of buzz around the music industry and fans alike.  However, Pusha T has remained 100% silent since Wayne and Drake got at him.  That silence didn’t break this past weekend during the Summer Jam music festival, when Pusha was asked by SOHH about his “Exodus 23:1” track, and Wayne’s “Goulish”.  All Pusha did to respond, was simply shrug his shoulders and walk away without uttering a word.

Do you think Pusha is remaining silent because he is secretly working on an “Ether” to slay Wayne, Drake, and YMCMB entirely?

We’ll know soon enough.

Source: hhbmail.hiphopblog.com


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