Former Bad boy Artist “G. Dep” In for a Special Delivery in Murder Trial Final Stages!

G. Dep's Murder Trial Reaching Final Stages

The murder trial of former rapper G. Dep has been going on since April 10th. It will soon be in the hands of a jury, as the defense team and prosecutors made their final arguments on Monday.

This is day four of the trial, which is taking place in Lower Manhattan. And, it was in a New York courtroom where G. Dep’s attorney Anthony Ricco presented his last argument, claiming that Dep did indeed shoot a man on the day of the murder but it wasn’t the victim in question. He contended that there were several inconsistencies with the prosecutors’ evidence that suggest they have the story all wrong.

Attorney Anthony Ricco stated that cops reported G. Dep shot a man in the chest, when in actuality he shot a man in the lower torso. He also pointed out that the alleged victim was smoking a cigarette, yet one was not found at the scene.

“They just could not get this story straight,” Ricco said. “Are we talking about the same event? I’m begging you to go into the jury room and use your common sense!”

“If he’s there to help himself, what is he lying about?”, questioned Ricco. “This case is not about redemption. The case is about if the New York County DA office has proven the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The prosecution then took to the courtroom floor to address the jury. Manhattan Assistant District Attorney David Drucker maintained that the most important piece of evidence in the entire case is G. Dep’s videotaped confession which recently surfaced. He also says that officers correctly connected G. Dep to the deceased John Henkel. 

“Everything-who, what, where, when, why and how matches up. Ever heard the expression if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and quacks like a duck? It’s a duck!”

The prosecution’s summation is set to be finalized and handed over to the jury soon.



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