Waka Flocka Flame On Rumor He Signed With Suge Knight

Waka Flocka On Rumor He Signed With Suge Knight

A few months back, there were several reports circulating which stated that Waka Flocka Flame inked a partnership with former Death Row Records general Suge Knight. But Waka has since denied those claims, saying that nothing of the sort took place. 

“I ain’t sign no partnership with Suge Knight ever in my life. Suge to me, he was just an OG in the game. If a guy go [and] express his feelings towards me and tell me what he like of me or the mistakes he made so I don’t make the mistakes, why not listen to him? You feel what I’m saying? Just because you talk, holla at a person or eat a burger with a person, hang with a person for a day, don’t mean they handling all of your business. They scared of that s—, though, so they gonna throw it in the media. They don’t want it with a n***a like Suge.”

Who knows what that partnership could have potentially led to?

Source: hiphopblog.com


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