Cool & Dre Re-sign w/ Cash Money

Miami-based super producers Cool and Dre decided to join forces with Cash Money yet again, as the duo announced that they’d re-signed with the label. The duo are committed to making good music with Cash Money stars like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Bow Wow and Mystikal.

The duo spoke exclusively with AllHipHop, saying “Cash Money has some amazing artists.This deal allows for us to continue to work with the artists creatively and do business on a grander scale.”

Birdman also spoke out on the deal, saying “Cool & Dre are extremely hard workers and very creative producers. We are always excited about partnering up with their brand to make great hits and get creative in the studio.”

Slim continued, by saying “Cash Money Records is only as strong as the body of work that we put out. We are committed to making the best music and giving our fans quality albums. Cool & Dre are a big part of that and we look forward to working with them to realize and execute our vision.”

It’s going to be great to see what new projects Cool & Dre pull out for Cash Money.



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